Understanding Seajee

About us

Management principles

  • Market-oriented

    market orientation

    Take the lead in interpreting market changes and providing products that exceed customer expectations.

  • Communication and collaboration

    Communication and cooperation

    We should use the Six-Ho Principle to communicate and work from a holistic point of view.

  • Efficient growth

    Efficiency growth

    Reasonable thinking and judgment to create world-class products in an effective and constructive way.

  • Prioritizing talents

    Attach importance to talents

    Emphasis should be placed on talents with both ability and moral character to create high-quality products and services and to contribute to customers and companies.

Core value

  • Honesty


    Speak with facts. Sharing is the principle and abiding by morality.

  • Passion


    Challenges are higher than they are now. Persistence until success.

  • Creativity


    Look at it from another angle and think in a new way. Find a better way.

  • Pursuit for rationality

    Reasonable Pursuit

    Judgment based on facts and information. Comply with proper standards and fair procedures.

  • Prioritizing customers

    Value customers

    Consider and judge from the customer's standpoint.Provide customers with the greatest value.

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