Understanding Seajee

Zhejiang Yueqing Seajee Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with technological innovation as its core competitiveness, R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services as one of the group teams. China's integrity business units, "people do their best, technological innovation" is the core business philosophy of Seajee Electric. Since its establishment, Seajee Electric has experienced rapid leap-forward development and industrial coverage. Wiring technology, industrial automation, industrial control, complete sets of equipment, new energy and transportation, communications equipment and so on, the company's main products are: wiring terminals, computer integrated insurance connectors, electrical installation rails, terminal accessories and other products, including terminals including UK wiring terminals, ST spring terminals, PT plug-in terminals, PC through terminal row, double-in and double-out terminals, MTK knife gate terminal. The terminal, yellow-green grounding terminal, URTK/S test current terminal, DIKD1.5 three-layer sensor feeding terminal, insurance terminal, double-layer terminal, TC high current terminal, RV circular pre-insulated terminal, SV fork pre-insulated terminal, SC peephole copper nose, E-tube terminal, TE double-connection terminal, terminal accessories include connectors, diaphragms, label numbers, fixtures (plugs), label seats, etc. There are also thousands of self-developed portable rail cutters and other products.

Seajee Electric always takes innovation as its driving force, persists in technological innovation, increases R&D investment, establishes strategic cooperation with overseas scientific research institutions, establishes technological innovation platform, and establishes first-class product R&D centers, mould centers and testing centers in China. International advanced automation production equipment and testing equipment have been introduced, and a number of specialized technical teams have been trained. The R & D products are widely used in nuclear power industry, power, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, railway and other fields. They will also play an increasingly important role in Olympic venues, Qinshan nuclear power station, Beijing Guangzhou railway, Beijing Zhengzhou railway, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Beijing metro, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Oriental pearl, Three Gorges project, Shengli Oilfield, Sinopec and other key projects both at home and abroad. 。

Seajee Electric has always adhered to the enterprise strategy of combining enterprise development with promoting the development of national industries, actively strengthened its core competitiveness, and committed to becoming an international first-class electric brand.

Management principles

  • Market-oriented

    market orientation

    Take the lead in interpreting market changes and providing products that exceed customer expectations.

  • Communication and collaboration

    Communication and cooperation

    We should use the Six-Ho Principle to communicate and work from a holistic point of view.

  • Efficient growth

    Efficiency growth

    Reasonable thinking and judgment to create world-class products in an effective and constructive way.

  • Prioritizing talents

    Attach importance to talents

    Emphasis should be placed on talents with both ability and moral character to create high-quality products and services and to contribute to customers and companies.

Core value

  • Honesty


    Speak with facts. Sharing is the principle and abiding by morality.

  • Passion


    Challenges are higher than they are now. Persistence until success.

  • Creativity


    Look at it from another angle and think in a new way. Find a better way.

  • Pursuit for rationality

    Reasonable Pursuit

    Judgment based on facts and information. Comply with proper standards and fair procedures.

  • Prioritizing customers

    Value customers

    Consider and judge from the customer's standpoint.Provide customers with the greatest value.

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